With construction starting February 1, 2018, we'd love for you to get involved:

* You can donate to our GoFundMe fundraiser by hitting the DONATE button this page.

* Do you own earth-moving equipment? Can you operate heavy equipment? We can definitely use help during our February construction phase. In particular, we are looking for a small 3-5-ton vibratory roller and tracked loaders. 

* Do you have experience shaping dirt jumps? We'd love to get your help putting the final touches on the jumps, berms and rollers and will be organizing a volunteer army to help buff out the features.

* We have lots of other needs for in-kind support, just reach out to us for more details.

* If you would like to make a significant donation or would like partner with Dirt World, we'd love your support -- and we'd love to tell everybody about the support on this website and on signage at the park. Just get in touch.

* Sign up here to get regular email updates as we go forward.



We are looking for financial support from individuals, businesses and nonprofit foundations. If you are interested in making a significant contribution, please contact us at info@dirtworld.org. We will be thanking major donors on prominent signage at the park.

For a full background on the park, please check out this PDF for potential funders.

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